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Air Sealing

airsealingEvery home has some amount of air leakage occurrence.  Air leakage is a major source of energy loss that creates discomfort in many homes. A very small amount is required for combustion safety purposes.  However, many homes have much greater levels of air leakage that result in conditioned air escaping the areas they were intended for. The sources of these leaks can be found in places you would hardly suspect.  Common areas of air leakage include kneewalls, recessed lights, attic hatches, windows and doors, flue and duct chase ways, vents, wiring holes, cantilevers, band and rim joists, etc.  Besides the cost and comfort issues, air leakage also contributes to issues with door air quality by allowing moisture, mold, and dust to enter inside conditioned space from the attic, crawlspace, and the outside.

Air sealing involves sealing up leaks where hot and cold air can enter or exit the home around pipes, vents, ceiling fixtures, electrical outlets, and other areas that you may not think of when it comes to weatherizing your home.  Using diagnostic tools (such as an infrared camera and blower door equipment), our technicians can perform a home energy audit to help you locate areas in need of sealing and determine the best solutions in moving forward with your goal to conserve energy.