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VentilationIs your air conditioner running up your utility bill?  Are you concerned about the air quality in your home?  Do you feel the need to make your home more comfortable?  Whole house fans and other ventilation systems can serve as a great alternative to an air conditioner and use a fraction of the energy.  Not only can they cool your home, but they also provide a tremendous source of ventilation to help increase indoor air quality and provide greater comfort in the home.

Here’s how a whole house fan works:

  1. The whole house fan is installed in the attic of your home
  2. When the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, open a few windows in your home and switch on the whole house fan
  3. The whole house fan pulls air in from the open windows and exhausts it through the attic and roof.

Cooling your home accounts for a large percentage of your energy bill, especially in warmer climates, because air conditioners require a lot of electricity when in use.  By using a whole house fan instead of your air conditioner, those cooling costs can be significantly reduced in two ways:

  1. An air conditioner uses significant amounts of electricity to cool down the air it blows. A whole house fan is different from an air conditioner in that it does not cool down air, but rather pulls in outdoor air that is already cool.  This alone is a significant source of energy savings compared to an air conditioner.
  2. As much as we all enjoy dutch oven cooking, living in one is not so desirable. However, after a long, hot day our homes often don’t cool off on their own even when the outside temperature drops.  Like the hot coals on top of a dutch oven lid, the attic is still cooking from all the heat exposure during the day.  So even after the outdoor temperature has cooled down outdoor air, exhausting it into the attic, which forces the hot attic air to be expelled outside through attic vents, reducing the “dutch oven effect” of a hot attic.

Many air conditioners are designed to recirculate the same air over and over, which can result in stagnant, musty air over time.  A whole house fan draws in fresh outdoor air through open windows and pulls it through the home.  This allows for fresh air to be constantly circulating in your home and helps to eliminate allergens and unwanted odors which may be present from time to time.  With how busy life gets, we could all benefit from a little more “fresh air”.

When whole house fans are installed properly according to the size and needs of your home, the result is comfortable living.  These fans are not only effective at cooling down your home but also at providing a gentle breeze of fresh air.  To determine where you want that outside air to come from, just crack open a window anywhere in your home, sit back and relax, and the whole house fan will do the rest!